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ECOLSYSTEMS deals with the development, production and marketing of products made of recycled plastic material. The reference market to which the company addresses is that of road safety infrastructures. ECOLSYSTEMS initially came onto the market with an insurmountable road curb, ideal for delimiting cycle paths from the roadway of motor vehicles, but can also be used for various applications (delimitation for areas closed to traffic at: private, commercial areas, ports , airports, etc.). It is produced entirely in recycled plastic and is in turn recyclable. The company is also already developing further projects that will complement a range of innovative products for the target market.

Safe separator

"Safe Separator", is an insurmountable modular system, entirely made of recycled and recyclable plastic material. Unique in its kind (the product is covered by a patent and the international extension phase has started), it can be supplied both with the single "Base" element, and in the combined version with "Base" and "Extension", which fit together between them thanks to special housings. The result is an exceptional ability to withstand impacts that can arise from any distractions of those who drive cars, thereby safeguarding the safety of cyclists and / or pedestrians. The side profiles have been designed to ensure that the vehicle that accidentally ends up on you is redirected to the roadway. Particular attention has been paid to the side and top profiles (all extremely rounded) to allow to limit as much as possible any trauma in case of accidental fall of the users of the protected roadway. The extreme versatility allows the product to stand out clearly, compared to other solutions on the market. Both the base element and the extension are structured to be crossed longitudinally by cables, sheaths, pipes or other; in the upper part there is the predisposition to be able to insert poles for vertical signage (luminous signals both with their own light and with reflected light, detection and / or real-time signaling systems, etc.); each basic element also has a large transversal slit to allow the regular flow of water. The product stands out for its excellent quality / price ratio.




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